Modern Art Paintings

The era of modern art paintings began during the 1890’s. There were many artist that continued to work long after the rise of Postmodernism during the 1940’s. The modern artist were able to express their own freedom where they were able to look into more newer techniques as they explored with their artistic talents.

A part of this history of modernism came about from the change in the patronage of art. During a time of the renaissance, it was the middle class that began to rise and become increased within wealth while the churches started experience a loss of their power. It was then that the layman and guides began to purchase art. This continued on for a few centuries and as a result helped free so many artist that they were then able to work with any sector subject matters.

There was a time frame for this modernism that helped to inspire many debates among so many scholars during that era. And even though many did agree that this type of art did rise in the 1890’s, there were still many who disagreed with this and dated the end of that era to be somewhere during the 1940’s until the 1970’s.

Sometimes the term modern art gets misunderstood. While so many abstract expressionism, cubism and fauvism, which were three of the art movements, gave the birth to some abstract art, it is known that not all of abstract art is considered to be modern. Contemporary is a more better way of naming the artwork.

This modernism took its hold in both the United States and in Europe. Many artist from Spain, Austria, Hungary and Germany contributed some very significant art developments in art and as well as many in the state of New York too.

This art era did include many different kinds of movements and among them were Symbolism, expressionism, fauvism, cubism and abstract expressionism. These several movements, even though they are varying in style, did share the same quest of seeking and discovering a bright new way of viewing reality.


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