Paleo, Pork and Crockpots: The Tasty and Easy Way to Stay Committed to a Diet

Choosing to follow the guidelines of a Paleo diet means purchasing and consuming a lot of meat. Many people mistakenly believe this only means grass-fed beef. This is too restrictive because other meats are allowed on the diet, including pork. Having the freedom to include pork meals will make the diet much more enticing because there are so many ways to prepare this versatile ingredient.

Choosing Pork Sensibly

Knowing pork is acceptable does not mean dining on bacon every morning. Fatty pork is not recommended because it will sabotage the weight loss program. Luckily, there are still roasts, chops and other cuts that offer a lot of flavor and nutrition. When shopping for pork it is important to choose pastured pork that has been allowed to eat green grass. This guarantees that the meat will contain more Omega-3s because the pigs will have more in their own diet.

Saving Grocery Money

The problem with buying meat only from grass-fed animals is the cost. This is a serious concern to budget-minded individuals since many people actually increase their meat consumption when they switch to a Paleo diet. One way to save money is to choose the cuts that are known as lesser-grade cuts of meat. This may cause a new problem because cheaper cuts of meat are known to be less tender and sometimes less flavorful, but that is a simple problem to overcome with the use of a crockpot.

Making Diets Easier

A crockpot is an essential Paleo tool. It saves people time on their meal preparation so it avoids common excuses to cheat. It makes even the toughest piece of meat much more tender and flavorful. It does not require any additional oils or fats to prevent the meat from drying out or to stop the meat from sticking to the container. There are numerous recipes to choose from and it even is useful when preparing breakfast.

Paleo dieters tired of beef or trying to find new recipes should turn to pork for a little more variety. They also need to realize that only a few minutes work is all it takes to make a healthy, delicious meal. Visiting this webpage will provide a little guidance and prove how much variety there really is with the Paleo diet.

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